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Now that Return to Office has occurred, the union is receiving questions from employees who are assigned to the SEC’s Headquarters in DC regarding office assignments. Some of you are SP3 employees who will be losing your SP3 office space soon. Others are newer employees who have no office assignment yet. Still others are employees with more seniority who want the option to move to a better office than they currently occupy. This update is intended to provide you the best information currently available to the union on HQ office assignments.
We want you to know that the union has been working... Read more ...
This week, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 221-206 to pass the so-called SHOW UP Act (H.R. 139). NTEU opposes this legislation and urged members of the House of Representatives to vote no on this bill. We are grateful for those members of Congress who voted with NTEU.   
The legislation would require every federal agency to return to the telework policies in place in 2019, without regard to either collective bargaining agreements or the proven positive results based on actual telework experience. Given that some federal agencies are reducing leased space or have already signed leases... Read more ...
Debt Limit
This month, the outstanding debt of the United States reached the statutory limit. The Treasury Department has begun taking “extraordinary measures” to prevent the U.S. from defaulting on its financial obligations. This includes suspending investments in the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund as well as reinvestment of Treasury securities held by the TSP’s G-Fund until Congress acts to raise the debt limit. By law, the funds will be made whole once the debt limit has been raised. Federal employees will not be affected by these actions.  
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin has urged... Read more ...
The SEC has notified the union that it will not be extending the lease for Station Place 3 (SP3) at SEC Headquarters in Washington, D.C. (HQ), and that it intends to move the almost 400 non-management employees currently located there into temporary, doubled-up spaces in SP1 and SP2, apparently so that they can be included in Chairman Gensler’s “Return to Office” plan this winter. The union has demanded formal bargaining over this misguided decision, which will result in an unnecessary and wasteful expenditure of public funds for repetitive HQ office moves in 2023, as well as a further... Read more ...
Last week, Chair Gensler’s disagreements with the union over negotiations for our new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and pandemic return to office (RTO) issues both went to litigation before the Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP).
After five all-day mediation sessions before a federal mediator at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS), Chair Gensler’s team refused the union’s efforts to reach a compromise on any of the primary areas of disagreement remaining in our CBA dispute. For example, the Chair continues to make unreasonable demands regarding telework,... Read more ...
WHEN: On Tuesday, October 25, from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM Eastern, NTEU Chapter 293 will hold its annual member meeting. Due to the SEC's current office status, the meeting will be held via WebEx. The union's panel will appear live at the Station Place Auditorium. WebEx connection information will be sent out to union members prior to the event.
NONMEMBERS:  Over 75% of bargaining unit (non-management) employees at the SEC are members of the union. Any bargaining unit employee who is not yet a member of the union who would like to attend the meeting may join the union by filling out boxes 1, 2... Read more ...

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