Article 20: Employee Orientation

Section 1

During the Employer's new employee orientation (generally when new employees are sworn in), NTEU will provide to each new bargaining unit employee a package of material provided by NTEU, and the Employer will provide a copy of this Agreement to all employees.  The content of the NTEU material or the presentation slides will not be libelous or connote Employer sponsorship of NTEU.

Section 2

A. NTEU will be provided with a thirty (30) minute period during the Employer's initial employee orientation to address new bargaining unit employees.  This time will take place during the same time and in the same location at which the Employer conducts its initial employee orientation session.  Whenever possible, the time will be provided to NTEU immediately preceding a break.  The Employer will introduce the NTEU representative(s) during such new employee orientation sessions.

B. NTEU will have the right to discuss the Agreement, current labor/management issues, the laws and regulations on Federal sector labor relations, its internal structure, and any other subject that does not slander or libel a government official or connote Employer sponsorship of NTEU.

C. NTEU will be provided by the Employer with advance notice of at least five (5) business days, whenever practicable, of the date, time, and location of each new employee orientation.  At least one (1) business day before the employee's initial orientation, NTEU will provide the Employer with the name(s) of the NTEU representative(s) who will be attending the orientation.

D. If a current employee outside of the bargaining unit moves permanently into a position in the bargaining unit, NTEU will be provided the opportunity to meet with the employee for up to twenty (20) minutes during the employee's first (1st) week of duty in the new position for the purposes described in this Article.

Section 3

During the first year of this Agreement, each employee will be entitled up to two (2) hours of duty time to attend an NTEU-sponsored training session to obtain contract training and to discuss questions concerning this Agreement and other negotiated agreements.  Within thirty (30) calendar days of a request, the Employer will provide an on-site meeting room for such sessions.  Two (2) years from the effective date of this Agreement, and each succeeding twelve (12) months thereafter, each employee will be entitled to up to one (1) hour of duty time to attend an NTEU-sponsored training session to receive similar training.