Article 37: Reduction-in-Force (RIF)

Section 1

This Article applies to any Reduction-In-Force (RIF) conducted by the Employer during the term of this Agreement.  Any RIF will be carried out in accordance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.  To the extent feasible, the Employer will give the Union at least thirty (30) calendar days advance written notice prior to the issuance of the general notice to employees.

Section 2

The Employer will provide the following information to the Union:

  1. the reason for the actions to be taken;

  2. the approximate number of employees who may be affected;

  3. the types of positions that may be affected; and

  4. the anticipated effective date that the actions will be taken.

Section 3

The Employer and the Union will negotiate, as appropriate, the procedures to be followed in the implementation of the RIF in accordance with Article 6 (Mid-term Bargaining).