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Article 41: Labor-Management Relations Committee

Section 1

A. The parties agree to establish a Labor-Management Relations Committee (LMRC) to exchange information and to discuss matters of concern or interest to either of them in the broad area of personnel policy or practice.  As stated in Section 8, Article 22 of this Agreement, the Employer and the Union agree to discuss and address issues related to health and safety in the LMRC meetings.

B. The LMRC will meet quarterly and more often as mutually agreed. At least four (4) bargaining unit employees shall receive Official Time to participate in meetings. NTEU staff personnel may also participate in these meetings.  Agenda items should normally be exchanged fourteen (14) days in advance of the meeting. Meetings will not be used as a forum for airing grievances or disputes relating to individual employees.

Section 2

Upon mutual agreement, the applicable time limits for filing grievances or bargaining proposals will be tolled in order for the parties to attempt to resolve the dispute through the LMRC.