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Article 42: Dues Withholding

Section 1

Eligible employees who are members of the Union may pay dues through the authorization of voluntary allotments from their compensation.  To be eligible to make such voluntary allotments, an employee must:

1. Be an employee of the bargaining unit covered by this Agreement;

2. Be a member in good standing in the Union;

3. Have voluntarily completed Standard Form 1187 (SF-1187), ("Request and Authorization for Voluntary Allotment of Compensation for Payment of Employee Organization Dues"); and

4. Have a regular net salary, after other legal and required deductions, sufficient to cover the amount of the authorized allotment for dues.

Section 2

The Union will:

A. Inform and educate members of the voluntary nature of the system for the allotment of labor organization dues, including the conditions under which an employee may revoke the allotment;

B. Provide SF-1187 forms and Standard Form 1188 (SF-1188) forms ("Cancellation of Payroll Deductions for Labor Organization Dues") and make them available to employees;

C. Assure that each SF-1187 is properly completed and inform the designated official of the Employer of any changes;

D. Inform the designated official of the Employer of any employee who has been expelled or ceases to be in good standing with the Union;

E. Inform the designated official of the Employer of any changes in the dues amounts or the formula for membership dues (including tables by both dollar amount and percentage of salary being withdrawn for dues). Such changes may not be made more frequently than once every twelve months; and

F. Provide the designated official of the Employer with the names and complete mailing addresses and changes thereto of officials who are responsible for certifying SF-1187s and to whom dues withholding information should be submitted.

Section 3

The Employer will:

A. Deduct and process voluntary allotments of dues and changes in dues upon certification from the Union National President in accordance with this Article. Changes in the dues amounts will be made as soon as possible, but no later than three (3) full pay periods after notification by the Union;

B. Withhold authorized dues on a bi-weekly basis at no cost to the Union or the employee;

C. Start dues withholding no later than one (1) full pay period following receipt of a properly certified SF-1187;

D. Notify the Union when an employee, who has submitted an SF-1187, is not eligible to enroll in the automatic dues withholding program because he/she is not an employee of the bargaining unit covered by this Agreement;

E. Prepare remittances and reports as follows:

1) Transmit to the Union the total amount deducted for all employees and total amount remitted to the Union;

2) Remittance will be made per pay period and directly to the Administrative Controller, National Treasury Employees Union,1750 H Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006.

3) The Employer also will provide the following information, in CVS (Comma Delimited), via magnetic media or electronic file transfer:

  • Employees' names in alphabetical order by last name;
  • Social Security Numbers, if available (the Union has the responsibility for ensuring the confidentiality of this information);
  • Grade & Step;
  • Division/Office;
  • Adjusted Base Pay (including locality pay);
  • Pay Plan;
  • Total amount of dues withheld;
  • Pay period;
  • Pay period ending date;
  • Duty city (four digit # field);
  • Duty state (two digit # field);
  • Duty county (three digit # field); and
  • Identification of the labor organization, including the Union Chapter number.

Section 4

A. Allotments will be terminated no later than one (1) full pay period after the Employer learns that:

1. An employee ceases to be a member in good standing in the Union;

2. The Union loses exclusive recognition for the covered unit;

3. An employee is reassigned or promoted from the unit for which the Union has been accorded exclusive recognition; or

4. An employee is separated from employment with the Employer.

B. An employee cannot cancel a Union dues allotment until the dues allotment has been in effect for more than one (1) year.  An employee submitting a properly executed SF-1188 during the first year will have his or her allotment terminated at the beginning of the pay period following the anniversary date.  After the first year, the employee must submit a properly executed SF-1188 during pay period fifteen (15), and revocations will become effective during pay period nineteen (19).  If an employee submits an SF-1188 during any pay period other than pay period 15, the SEC will email a copy to the President of Chapter 293 of the Union within one pay period, and will return the form to the employee with the following message:

We received your SF-1188, Cancellation of Payroll Deductions for Labor Organization Dues. We cannot accept this form at this time, because it is required to be submitted during pay period 15 (see Article 42, Section 4 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement). You may resubmit the form during pay period 15.