Article 45: Extended Backup Childcare and Eldercare

Section 1

The Employer will continue to provide backup childcare and eldercare, also known as the Backup Care Program (Program), subject to budgetary limitations.  The program's intent is to provide quality child and adult/elder care to employees whose regular care arrangements are unavailable or break down.  Any changes to the Program will be negotiated to the extent required by law.

Section 2

All SEC employees are eligible for the Program.  Employees must register with the appropriate vendor before using these services.

Section 3

Eligible "dependents" for purposes of this program include:

A. Child Care - Employees with children or employees serving as legal guardians of children between the ages of 3 months through 12 years are eligible for backup child care services.

B. Elder Care - Employees with responsibility for the care of a parent or step­ parent, grandparent or step-grandparent, or in-law (including the parents of an employee's partner, if the employee is not married) are eligible for backup elder care.

Section 4

The number of uses an employee may use under this program are subject to space availability at the facilities of the provider the Employer contracts with to provide the backup care, and any other terms in the contract between the Employer and SEC.  A partial day of use counts as one "use" for purposes of calculating the calendar year benefit for each employee.