Article 46: Contracting Out

Section 1

The Employer will notify the Union regarding any anticipated review of a function currently being performed by bargaining unit employees, undertaken for the possibility of contracting out that function.  The Union shall be advised prior to any decision by the Employer to contract out work.  If the Employer makes a final decision to contract out, the Union shall have the opportunity to engage in impact and implementation bargaining concerning any adverse personnel actions for employees resulting from the contracting out of work.  The Employer will make reasonable efforts to minimize any adverse impact on employees if a function is contracted out.  The Employer will comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Section 2

Prior to submission of the list of "Commercial Activities Inventory" under the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act, the Employer will give the Union the opportunity to provide input with regard to bargaining unit positions included on the list.

Section 3

Nothing in this Article shall prevent the Union from exercising its right to bargain over any and all negotiable issues related to any contracting out decision, to the maximum extent allowable by law.