Article 49: Retirement

Section 1

The Employer agrees that employees covered under CSRS, CSRS Offset, or FERS and who are eligible to retire within five (5) years, shall be given an opportunity to voluntarily participate in a SEC sponsored Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar on a space-available basis, subject to budgetary considerations. Topics in the seminar may include, but are not limited to: Civil Service Retirement System, CSRS Offset, or Federal Employees Retirement System benefits, SEC's and Federal benefits, Social Security qualifications, health, family adjustments, budget, legal, thrift savings plan and income tax subjects.

Section 2

The frequency of programs will be determined by the Employer, subject to budgetary considerations, but will occur at least once a year for CSRS and FERS employees. The locations of programs will be determined by the Employer with consideration to the location of employees, the cost effectiveness of the site, and the internal resources required to support such programs. All such programs will be made available via videoconference for employees who are not on site. Employees shall be provided official time to participate in these programs.

Section 3

Employees have access to their personal benefits information through the Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS). The Employer will notify all employees on at least an annual basis of the existence of EBIS and how to log on to that system.

Section 4

The Employer may permit an employee to withdraw their resignation at any time before it has become effective. The Employer may decline a request to withdraw a resignation before its effective date only when the Employer has a valid reason and explains that reason to the employee. A valid reason includes but is not limited to administrative disruption or the hiring or commitment to hire a replacement. Avoidance of adverse action proceedings is not a valid reason.  

Section 5

Pursuant to its authority under 5 U.S.C. 4802(d), the Employer will set any future Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment (VSIP) offerings at a minimum of $50,000. The Employer retains the exclusive right to determine the scope of a VSIP offering, including but not limited to: (1) which Office(s)/Division(s) will participate; (2) which positions are eligible; (3) how many VSIP slots are offered; (4) the required date(s) for VSIP separation; and (5) the selection criteria for awarding VSIPs.