Article 44: Professional Dues Reimbursement Program

Section 1

A. Subject to the availability of funds, the Employer will offer Professional Dues Reimbursement (PDR) for dues employees pay in connection with holding professional licenses and/or credentials, to the extent:

1. The Employer or OPM establish that employees are required to be members of particular professional societies and/or organizations (for example, attorneys and CPAs) in order to be employed in a SEC position; or

2. As a practical matter, the SEC encourages employees to hold professional licenses and/or credentials (for example, Certified Fraud Examiners) that will be used in the performance of their job duties.

B. Employees not classified as SK-0905 attorneys are eligible for reimbursement through the PDR Program for dues to maintain their bar licenses, provided the criteria in Section 1(A)(2) are met. The Employer agrees that Accountants and Examiners are encouraged to maintain an active bar license.

Section 2

A. Each calendar year, employees may submit PDR requests on a rolling basis, as the employee pays their dues for professional licenses/credentials. A reimbursement request must be submitted by the end of the calendar year following the year to which the licensure in question applies. For example, a request for reimbursement of bar dues covering the period July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023, would be due no later than December 31, 2024.

B. To be eligible for PDR, the requestor must be an SEC employee at the beginning of the period covered by the certification/license or approved membership and on the date requesting reimbursement.

C. All SK-0905 attorneys must annually self-certify that they maintain active licensure in one or more U.S. jurisdictions.

D. Any employee seeking reimbursement for a bar or certified public accountant license must annually self-certify that they maintain active licensure in one or more U.S. jurisdictions.

Section 3

A. Qualified bargaining unit employees are eligible to receive a maximum benefit of $700 per reimbursement year.

B. The Employer will reimburse employees for fees required to maintain active professional certifications and licenses.

C. Fees for maintaining inactive certifications and licenses, voluntary contributions, and voluntary section/chapter dues are not reimbursable through the PDR Program.

D. The Employer will not reimburse for fees required to take licensing examinations.

Section 4

A. A request to include a certification/license not covered under the PDR Program should be submitted in writing through the askHR system. The written request must include a description of:

1. The certification;

2. The requirements needed to obtain the certification; and

3. How the certification pertains to the employee’s position at SEC.

Section 5

All PDR approvals under this Article will be made consistent with 5 U.S.C. §§ 5757 and 5946. The list of certifications that are currently reimbursed by the Agency is attached as Appendix 1. The list will remain in effect for the duration of this Agreement, but may be expanded at the Agency’s discretion.