Collective Bargaining Agreement Negotiations Commence


5/14/11:  Negotiations between the Union and the SEC on the Collective Bargaining Agreement have commenced. The parties have met and reviewed the various articles of the agreement that will be on the table during the discussions. Further negotiating sessions have been scheduled through the end of the summer.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement or "CBA" is an important 200-page contract between NTEU and the SEC that sets forth a number of rights and benefits that the Union has negotiated for SEC employees. Our CBA has a three-year term that expired last fall. Upon the expiration of the term, the CBA remains in force and effect while negotiations between the parties occur regarding any changes or additions to the agreement.

The Union's negotiating team is comprised of NTEU attorney Anna Gnadt,  Chapter 293 President Greg Gilman, and Chapter 293 members Pat Copeland (IM), Joel Crepea (NYRO OCIE), Veronica Lewis (CF), Lawrence Pisto (BRO Enforcement) and Dean Suehiro (CF). For its team, the SEC has selected Rufus Beatty (OGC), Robert Fishman (OCIE), Merri Jo Gilette (CHRO), Arthur Lerner (OHR), Rebecca Pikofsky (OHR), Jeff Risinger (OHR) and Barry Walters (OFRMS).

There are a number of important issues that these teams will discuss over the course of the summer, including alternative work schedules, telework, transportation subsidies, career ladder promotions, reassignment processes and many others. Management's initial proposals appear to indicate that the agency is interested in winning substantial "give-backs" during these talks, by reducing a number of employee rights and benefits under the contract. The Union's team has attempted to focus the discussions instead upon the actual interests of the SEC and the employees who work hard every day to meet the agency's mission, and how the provisions of the CBA will best serve those interests.