Chapter 293 Leaders Receive Awards for Attaining Majority Union Membership


June 2008: Last month, Chapter 293 presented Chapter Leadership awards to a number of NTEU union stewards and Executive Board representatives, recognizing their leadership in reaching majority union membership at their SEC offices across the country.

"These chapter leaders should be lauded for their service to their fellow employees at the SEC," Chapter 293 President Greg Gilman recently stated. "That service has been recognized and supported by the employees in their offices, and they are the reason that Chapter 293 has been at the forefront of membership growth in the National Treasury Employees Union this year. Without individuals like these, who go beyond paying dues to support Chapter 293 by volunteering their time and efforts, we would not be a successful organization."

Among those who received the awards were: Atlanta Regional Office leaders Barry Lakas and Carole Solloway; Boston Regional Office leaders Dan Barry, James Fay and Paul Prata; Denver Regional Office leaders Linda Beyer and Liz Krupa; Fort Worth Regional Office leaders Will Fergus and John Popham; Los Angeles Regional Office leaders Kathy Cash, Sue Hannan and Karen Matteson; Miami Regional Office leaders Drew Panahi and Terry Tennant; Philadelphia Regional Office leaders Brian Carroll, Paul Lapinski and Patricia Trujillo; and Office of Investor Education and Assistance leader April Keyes.

"Other leaders should also be recognized for their work," Gilman noted. "In particular, New York Regional Office stewards Joel Crepea, Azam Riaz and Belinda Rodriguez have been off the charts in the past year, with membership well over eighty percent in the IA/IC Regulation program in New York. Also, Veronica Lewis, Dean Suehiro and Pat Copeland at Headquarters have done an incredible job in Washington, D.C. As we continue to grow, our strength at the bargaining table and on the Hill will continue to increase."

To view some more photos of Chapter 293 leaders receiving these awards, click here, Photos.