Plans Unveiled for NTEU-Negotiated Childcare Center


4/10/07: NTEU is extremely proud of its critical role in spearheading and negotiating for the creation of a new Child Development Center at Headquarters in Washington, D.C., the design plans for which were announced this week. The new facility will be called The Harbor at Station Place.

The road leading up to the new Child Development Center began when NTEU commenced negotiations with SEC management regarding the office move to Station Place. In 2004, NTEU surveyed dues paying members to determine what their priorities were with respect to the new building. It was readily apparent that a children’s center was near the top of the list for a large number of employees.

For that reason, at the inception of the negotiations over the Station Place move, NTEU’s bargaining team drafted a proposal for a new children’s center and presented it to SEC management. For over a year, however, the SEC refused to commit to the concept of providing such a facility at Station Place. Nevertheless, NTEU’s bargaining team continued to press for it and their hard work finally paid off early last year, when the SEC relented and agreed to the new facility.

The Harbor at Station Place is but one example of how NTEU fights for employee rights and benefits every day. Without strong union advocacy to push SEC management to do the right thing, a myriad of important initiatives like this one would never even make it off the ground. Thanks to Joyce Segura, Dean Suehiro, Barbara Rew and Michael Piacsek, the members of NTEU’s bargaining team for the Station Place office move – but special thanks to Joyce for all of her hard work and attention to the Child Development Center issue, and her service on the original child care committee that worked to implement the agreement between NTEU and the SEC.