Corp Fin Union Leaders Receive Awards


 5/22/11:  During NTEU's steward training conference last week, several Chapter 293 leaders were recognized for their important work on national programs this past year. Among the recipients of Leadership Awards were James Giugliano, Corey Jennings, Veronica Lewis, Kate McHale, Kevin Stertzel, Dean Suehiro from the Division of Corporation Finance. These individuals have made myriad contributions to SEC employees as Union representatives.

Kevin Stertzel is currently serving as one of five members of the SEC Labor Management Forum, which was formed as a result of President Obama's Executive Order last year on labor-management partnership. As a Forum member, Kevin meets regularly with senior management in Washington to raise and address national labor-management issues at the SEC.

Chapter 293 Treasurer Dean Suehiro and Vice President Veronica Lewis are both members of Chapter 293's national Collective Bargaining Team. That team is currently negotiating with management over our basic Union contract at the SEC, which addresses a wide range of employee programs and rights, including the future of the telework program.

Dean, Kevin, Veronica, Corey Jennings and Kate McHale all serve on the Corp Fin Labor Management Relations Committee, which meets with management to address issues within Corp Fin.

Dean is also a member of the SEC's Diversity Council, and a member of a national Union committee formed to meet with management to address issues raised by the recent Boston Consulting Group report about the SEC. Veronica is a co-chair of the Upward Mobility Committee.

Corey Jennings was recognized for his work on a team of representatives dealing with computer forensics in disciplinary cases at the agency.

James Giugliano was recognized for his work organizing the National Steward Training Conference for Chapter 293 this year.

 In addition to their local representational work in Corp Fin, Corey, Dean, James, Kate, Kevin and Veronica  have all been at the forefront of various extremely important national projects that will continue to have an impact upon SEC employees across the country. "The employees of Corp Fin should be very proud to have among them such a talented group of individuals who are volunteering their time and energy to make a positive contribution to improving the agency," Chapter 293 President Greg Gilman recently said. "I know that I am very proud of my association and work with all of them."