Chapter 293 Cartoonist Dave London Receives Award from Union


4/16/14: Last week, the union awarded BRO Senior Enforcement Attorney Dave London the Excellence in Communications Award. Dave was the sole recipient of the award this year. He was honored for more than seven years of service as Chapter 293's cartoonist, producing the widely acclaimed "London's Calling" series of cartoons on our website. To see some of his work, click here.

"Dave London is an excellent enforcement attorney, but he is also an extraordinary talent as a cartoonist," Chapter 293 President Greg Gilman said this morning. "The art of the political cartoon has a storied history in our nation, reaching back to the days of the Revolution," he added. "Dave's work for our union reflects that tradition. His cartoons capture issues in a way that is compelling and unforgettable -- and also incredibly funny. Frankly, it is impossible for me to conceive of our website without his amazing work on display."