Chapter Elections Are Being Held in September


7/8/09:  Chapter 293 will hold elections for all officers and representatives in September for a three year terms. The elections will be by mail, with first a notice and then a ballot sent to each member’s home address. We plan on sending out the notices in late July and the ballots in late August. The notice will contain a form to make a nomination.

The home address that the Chapter will use is the address that has been provided to us by the NTEU on July 2. If you have been receiving the monthly NTEU Bulletin, you should receive the notice, and then the ballot at the same address that you have been receiving the NTEU Bulletin.

If you would like to check your address in the NTEU records, you can do that from this site. Please click here for instructions on how to update your mailing address with NTEU. If you follow those instructions and the link, you can check your address, and if necessary, change it. However, if the NTEU has an incorrect address and you would like to receive the notice and ballot, please contact William Friar by telephone or e-mail, or promptly write to the Election Committee at P.O. Box 2934, Washington D.C. 20013-2934.

William Friar, Chairman Chapter 293 Elections and Nominations Committee