Important Notice on Expanded Telework Program


4/16/08: If you applied to participate in the Expanded Telework Program (3, 4 or 5 days of telework per week), management is required to respond to your application by Monday, April 21.

When you have received a response to your application, please help us to provide better representation by taking one minute to answer a couple of questions about your experience with the application process, by clicking here, Expanded Telework Feedback Page.

If your Expanded Telework request was denied for any reason, please immediately email your manager and request the reason(s) for the denial in writing. If you decide to challenge the denial, you will have until May 12 to do so. For that reason, please be sure to visit the Expanded Telework Feedback Page immediately upon receiving a denial notification, so that you can answer the questions there and we will be aware of your issue as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding telework issues, please contact Chapter 293 Steward Dean Suehiro, at He can respond to your questions. Dean also has informative materials on telework that are available to members of Chapter 293.