Bargaining Update: Union Continues to Press for Fairness in Fitness Center Benefits for Regional Office Employees


Unfortunately, however, SEC management is opposing this modest Union proposal. UPDATED 2/24/12 (this article has been updated to respond to inaccurate reporting about this issue in an Ignites article): The Union has received a number of inquiries this winter from SEC employees in the regional offices regarding why the SEC does not provide any sort of benefit to help defray the costs of their fitness center memberships. In fact, the Union's Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiating team has proposed that the SEC provide a fitness center benefit to regional office and Operations Center employees, to encourage fitness center membership and a healthy lifestyle at the agency. The Union's team has been making the case for this important change since negotiations began last April.  Our Unfortunately, however, SEC management has steadfastly refused to accommodate this modest Union proposal.  Unfortunately, however, SEC management is opposing this modest Union proposal. Unf

Many regional office employees may not be aware of the fact that the SEC already maintains a fitness center in Headquarters in Washington, D.C., which employees are able to join at a substantially discounted rate. The Union believes that it is fundamentally unfair that the SEC does not provide a fitness center benefit to regional office and Operations Center employees as well, since they constitute roughly half of the agency's workforce.

 HHHealth and wellness benefits such as the one proposed by the Union are much more than just a way of showing appreciation for employees. They save money. As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, more and more companies are giving their employees ways to prevent illness and reduce health risks through such programs. In the long run, these employees save money for their organization by avoiding costly health insurance claims and taking fewer sick days.

 "We believe that the SEC should step up to the plate and provide fitness center benefits to all of its employees," Chapter 293 President Greg Gilman noted this week, "and so we intend to continue to press for this important benefit."

UPDATE:  In an article published this week in Ignites by Andrew Green, the writer asserts that Chapter 293 is asking the SEC to install actual gyms in the regional offices. This is not true. The Union's proposal is that the SEC work together with the Union to obtain discounted fitness center memberships for regional office employees. This proposal would cost the SEC nothing. Ignites made no attempt to contact Chapter 293 of which we are aware before publishing this article.