New Agreement Reached on HQ Office Selections


The SEC and Chapter 293 have reached an agreement regarding the agency’s plans to reorganize employees in Station Place One and Two this year. The agreement also will provide a new rule for filling offices that become vacant after the reorganization.

The reorganization will involve the relocation of a large number of employees in an effort to better organize various Divisions and Offices. Under the agreement, employees who are relocated will select their new offices within their Assistant Director work unit based upon their seniority within the work unit. In December, NTEU members voted to select grade and then SEC seniority as the seniority rule for office selection purposes at HQ.

In an important development, the SEC has also agreed that, after the reorganization, each Assistant Director work unit will schedule at least one “office move” each year to fill office vacancies. During these office moves, all employees will now be afforded the opportunity to move into any vacant office based upon their seniority. Unlike in the past, this rule will be applied across the board to all employees in each work unit during each office move. Previously, employees in window offices were not permitted to move when a new window office became available. After the reorganization, employees in window offices will be permitted to move into an available new window office once every two years.

The SEC will afford affected employees reasonable advance notice of the reorganization, and the union will provide them with floor plans to assist them in making office selections. Employees will be given duty time to prepare for the move and unpack thereafter, as well as boxes and packing materials. They will be permitted to move their existing furniture to their new offices. A mover will perform the actual relocation of boxes, furniture and equipment. The SEC will provide relocation assistance to any employee who is sick during the move or who requires help for some other reason.

At this time, no final decisions have been made regarding the actual reorganization. Chapter 293 will keep you posted on this issue.