Federal Benefits Information for Open Season 2007


11/8/07: Next Monday, November 12, 2007, the Federal Benefits Open Season will begin. During this period federal employees may elect changes to their health insurance plans under FEHBP as well as to flexible spending accounts (FSAFEDS), and to their dental and vision coverage (FEDVIP).

According to a recent Benefits Administration Letter from the Office of Personnel Management:

  • There will be no benefit changes in FSAFEDS (flexible spending accounts program) for 2008, although administrative fees may change.
  • The FEDVIP program will change the effective date for the plan year to 1/1/08, standardize the Coordination of Benefits provision across all plans, and no longer use social security numbers for identification or for external documentation.
  • Some plans in the FEHB program, on this list, will be terminated this year.

This information should help you as you make important health care decisions for you and your family.

In addition, in a matter of days NTEU will provide further information on accessing the latest version of the online Consumer Checkbook for the upcoming open season. This information will once again be posted on NTEU’s national website for members as soon as it becomes available. It is an excellent guide for comparing the various health plans and their costs available to federal employees and retirees -- and yet another important benefit of membership in NTEU Chapter 293.