House Budget Committee Approves Fiscal 2013 Budget Resolution


3/22/12: Yesterday, the House Budget Committee approved a budget resolution for fiscal year 2013 offered by Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI).  The budget sets the discretionary spending cap at $1.028 trillion, some $19 billion below the spending cap agreed to by both houses last August.  The budget was approved by a committee vote of 19-18, with two Republicans voting with the Democrats against the budget.

Before the vote, NTEU sent this letter to each member on the committee, urging a “No” vote on the proposal.  Representative Ryan’s budget seeks to extend the federal employee pay freeze through 2015, reduce the workforce by 10% over three years through attrition, and substantially increase the amount of money contributed by federal employees to the federal retirement systems while decreasing the amount of the annuity.   

NTEU will continue to expose the Chairman’s misconceptions of federal compensation as the budget negotiations continue.  The resolution is expected to be voted on in the House next week.