Union Makes Formal Request for Data Regarding Performance Management System Results


3/23/12: Earlier this week, NTEU Chapter 293 formally requested from the SEC the ratings data related to SEC management's "evidence based" performance management system. As in past years, the Union has requested detailed information regarding ratings broken down by office, division, regional office, position, grade, race, ethnicity, gender and age.

Making the ratings data available to employees is absolutely essential to establish transparency in the system. Without publishing the ratings data, employees would be unable to place their own ratings into a meaningful context. We are working to ensure that this information is made available to you soon.

As the Union works toward obtaining greater transparency in the performance management system, an independent consultant, Robert Tobias, is simultaneously working on an assessment of the operation of the system itself during the recent rating process. Mr. Tobias was hired to conduct this assessment pursuant to an agreement negotiated by NTEU with the SEC. As part of that process, he is currently surveying SEC employees and conducting focus groups concerning their perceptions of the system, as well as analyzing the results of the ratings process itself. He will be presenting his evaluation to the Labor-Management Forum at the SEC.