OIT Steward Joyce Segura Receives Award from Union


4/16/14: Last week, the union awarded OIT steward Joyce Segura the Excellence in Membership Recruitment Award. Joyce was one of the top membership recruiters in Chapter 293 last year, in addition to her exemplary work representing employees as a steward as well as her service as a member of the Collective Bargaining Unit negotiating team.

The awards ceremony took place during the National Treasury Employees Union's National Steward Training Conference. Dozens of SEC stewards, along with stewards from many other federal agencies, attended the conference, where they received training on a wide range of issues, including the new CBA, compensation matters, performance management, representation of employees, litigation updates, etc.

"To receive this award is one of the highest honors that Chapter 293 can bestow upon a union leader," Chapter 293 President Greg Gilman said this morning. "Our strength as a union springs directly from our strong membership. Chapter 293 has been the fastest growing chapter in NTEU for the past couple of years, which has greatly increased our strength to negotiate good agreements on work life benefits, compensation and other issues -- and that is absolutely the direct result of the work of people like Joyce. Without strong membership, we cannot succeed and, without great recruiters like Joyce, we cannot have strong membership," Gilman added. "I am extremely proud of the incredibly important work that Joyce has done, both as a recruiter and also as a union representative. OIT employees should be very proud to have such a talented steward in their office."