Leave Bank Program Launched – All Employees Urged to Enroll


October is the open period for enrolling in the new union-negotiated Leave Sharing Program at the SEC.

Under this new program, participating employees will donate one pay period’s worth of annual leave each year to a “Leave Bank” – typically 6 or 8 hours – and that leave will be available to assist any participant who needs additional leave to deal with a medical emergency faced by the employee or his or her family member. In the event of such a medical emergency, any participant who has used up all of his or her sick leave and annual leave may apply to the Leave Bank Board for additional leave. The Leave Bank Board is comprised of members from both the union and management. The Board will meet regularly to consider applications, determine the necessity of requests for leave, and ensure that the program is run fairly.

“I strongly urge everyone at the SEC to participate in this program,” Chapter 293 President Greg Gilman recently remarked. “The SEC does not currently offer short term disability insurance, although the union is working to fill that gap. One bad medical emergency for oneself or a family member can wipe out all available sick leave and annual leave, landing you in leave without pay status. This program provides one tool to alleviate that problem, while helping out fellow employees at the same time. But it will work best if a large number of employees sign up.”

To participate in the Leave Bank Program, all you need to do is fill out a leave slip with the amount of hours you are donating (old Form 71), and give it to the Leave Bank Liaison for your office. Here are the Liaisons: Kathy Cash (LARO); Judy Kotula (CHRO); Jeffrey Lyttle (SFRO); Drew Panahi (MIRO); John Popham (FWRO); Paul Prata (BRO); Azam Riaz (NYRO); Terry Tennant (MIRO); Tenita Thomas (ARO); Patricia Trujillo (PLRO); Teresa Walsh (DRO); and Netta Williams (Headquarters and Virginia).