2008 NTEU Legislative Conference


The 2008 Legislative Conference will be held Monday, March 3, 2008 through Thursday, March 6, 2008, at the L’Enfant Plaza Hotel at 480 L’Enfant Plaza, S.W., in Washington, DC. Attendees of past NTEU legislative conferences have felt that the value of the annual three-day event is the avenues of access that open for them on Capitol Hill. In face-to-face meetings with their representatives, senators and respective staff, NTEU members are afforded an opportunity to weigh in on the legislative process and educate lawmakers on issues important to federal employees and the American public.

NTEU ended last year with a long list of gains for federal employees on Capitol Hill. NTEU’s Legislative Advisory Committee recently made its recommendations on the 2008 legislative agenda, including the following priority legislative issues:

  • Supporting labor-management partnerships;
  • Advocating for fair federal pay and opposing pay-for-performance;
  • Pushing for adequate agency funding and opposing the privatization of federal jobs;
  • Securing an increase in government contributions to the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program and an expansion of the Family Medical Leave Act, while opposing Health Savings Accounts;
  • Lobbying for DHS issues, including a repeal of the One Face at the Border initiative, full collective bargaining rights for all DHS workers and an end to abuses of the Career Intern Program; and
  • Supporting retiree issues such as ending Social Security offsets and allowing FERS employees to apply unused sick leave to a pension benefit.

If you are a member of Chapter 293 and you are interested in the possibility of participating in the 2008 conference, please contact Chapter 293 President Greg Gilman, or Chapter 293 Legislative Committee Co-Chairs Bill Friar or Dan Barry as soon as possible.