Chapter 293 and SEC Enter Agreement on Implementation of Quicktime Time & Attendance System


5/27/08: Chapter 293 and the SEC have entered into a memorandum of understanding regarding the implementation of Quicktime, the new web-based time and attendance system for employees at the SEC and a number of other federal agencies.

Under the agreement, bargaining unit employees will commence the use of Quicktime for time and attendance in May and June. However, the use of any pre-defined activity codes for categorizing time will not be required for at least the remainder of FY 2008. Only time spent working or on leave will be tracked for the time being. If the SEC later decides to require the use of specific activity codes, employees will be expected to code their time to typically no more than five categories (in many cases, this number will be fewer). If this changes, the SEC and the union will bargain further. In addition, the SEC has agreed to provide codes for time employees spend on administrative activities.

No timekeepers will be subject to layoff or a reduction in force as a result of the implementation of Quicktime. They will continue to be responsible for maintaining time and attendance records. They will receive training on Quicktime, and they will be subject to a "grace period" of at least three months, during which they will not be evaluated for their work related to Quicktime.

Quicktime will be used by the SEC for generating payroll by accurately capturing individual time and attendance, assisting with formulating the agency's strategic plans, assigning costs to agency activities and developing the agency's performance, budget and financial statement reporting. Quicktime will not be used for "sign-in/sign-out" purposes. Furthermore, Quicktime and data derived from the system will not be utilized by the agency in a manner that might have an adverse impact upon employees (such as to evaluate employees' performance, to reduce staffing levels, to impose changes in work stations or tours of duty, to alter alternative work schedules, or to downgrade positions). In the event that the agency ever contemplates utilizing Quicktime for any new purpose, it will provide notice and an opportunity to bargain to the union.