Bargaining Unit Employees Appointed to Enforcement Management Working Groups


5/15/09: NTEU has appointed the bargaining unit employees listed below from those who volunteered to fill the slots provided by management on the various Enforcement Division Management Work Groups that are currently discussing the following issues:  specialization, revising management structure, streamlining processes, measuring success, fostering consistency in the national program, centralizing risk management, training, improving the HUB, case closing procedures, and fostering cooperation by individuals. Please feel free to contact them with any suggestions or comments that you might have. Also remember that you may submit comments, suggestions and concerns on an anonymous basis to the Union via our website by accessing a webpage on our site for that purpose by clicking here.


James Fay

Lou Gicale

Cate Whiting

Management Plan:

John Graubard

Cory Kirchert

Jerrold Kohn

Streamlining Internal Processes:

Dan Barry

Robert Giallombardo

Steve Jones

Enforcement Metrics:

John Bulgozdy

Silvestre Fontes

Mark Harrison

Fostering a National Program:

Will Fergus

John Kaleba

Stephanie Yoffee

Risk Management:

Teresa Walsh

Carolann Gemski

Jonthan Jacobs


Anita Bandy

Christina McGlosson-Wilson

Matthew Watkins


Heidi Mayor

Craig Welter

Mark Velsko

Aged/Fallow Cases, Case Closing Process:

David Frye

Lynn Steffen

Uta VonEckartsberg

Fostering Cooperation by Individuals:

Frederick Block

Robert Giallombardo

Osman Handoo