Meet a Member: LARO’s Kathy Cash


Kathy Cash has had an interesting journey on her way to becoming an NTEU member; she was told by SEC management that she couldn’t join, but she fought her way in.

This is Kathy’s second stint with the Commission. She originally came to work at the Los Angeles Regional Office in the 1980s, and then left for a couple of years to go to the Federal Trade Commission. She returned in late 1992 as a legal technician, and then became secretary to the Regional Director. After that Director left, Kathy became a Program Support Assistant, and she was working in that capacity when we unionized.

That’s when things got interesting. Kathy was told that she couldn’t join NTEU, primarily because she worked with personnel issues. Kathy was not happy with that decision, and at her insistence, NTEU filed an Unfair Labor Practices complaint with the Federal Labor Relations Authority to address the problem. Ultimately Kathy prevailed, and she has proudly served as an LARO Steward for the past four years. As Kathy puts it, “If you want change, you can’t just sit back and wait for it to happen – you have to be pro-active.”

Kathy has just celebrated her 17th wedding anniversary. She has a son and a daughter, and three beautiful grandchildren. Kathy’s hobbies include bowling, movies – and those grandchildren. Thanks Kathy – and keep fighting for change!