NTEU Launches Public Service Campaign to Promote Contributions of Federal Employees


To dispel negative stereotypes and increase awareness of the important contributions federal employees make to the country, NTEU has launched its first-ever public service campaign including television and radio public service announcements, media relations and grassroots efforts. The campaign, entitled “Federal Employees...They Work For U.S.,” features actual federal workers talking about the work that they do to defend our homeland, protect our borders, ensure the safety of our natural resources, health, food supply, financial systems and more.

Many Americans are not aware of the depth and breadth of the federal workforce and the vital contributions federal employees make to nearly every aspect of our lives. About 60% of the federal workforce will be eligible to retire in the next 10 years, according to OPM reports. “We need to ensure that federal service continues to attract and retain topnotch professionals from every major field and that starts by giving federal employees the tools and resources they need to do their jobs and, equally important, our respect and support,” said NTEU National President Colleen Kelley.

While the military aggressively recruits on television and radio and OPM has started to do some limited recruiting via broadcast advertising, the government has failed to address head-on the negative perceptions that too often surround public service. This campaign tackles that issue. Public service announcements are short pieces that educate and raise awareness about an issue among TV viewers and radio listeners. They are run at no charge to the sponsoring organization. “Americans should be proud of the caliber of the people in this country who are called to public service. They make up the most diverse, best educated workforce in America, and they do it all for you, every day,” said President Kelley. To view the public service announcement for TV, visit www.TheyWorkForUS.org