Open Season Belated Enrollments Extension


12/8/08: Late in the day on December 5, 2008, OPM announced that it will allow federal employees to submit belated enrollments or changes in FEHBP, FEDVIP and FSAFEDS through January 2009. The prior deadline for the open season period was today, December 8. However, after it became apparent that numerous changes in insurance coverage in the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Standard Option plan for nonnetwork elective surgeries were confusing and unclear, OPM extended the period.

NTEU believes this was the right decision. A few weeks ago, NTEU urged enrollees to read the fine print in their insurance brochures because major changes have been proposed. Subsequently, congressional committees became concerned. Now, OPM has asked all insurance carriers to submit to them revised plans to cover out-of-network nonemergency surgeries by the end of today, so some of those provisions will change. OPM has indicated it will not allow changes to premiums in 2009 or to other types of benefits in 2009 however. While the impetus for the additional time was due to the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Standard change in its coverage, OPM is allowing extra enrollment time as well for FEDVIP and FSAFEDS since these programs are often related to the election of an FEHBP plan. Employees wishing to enroll after today should contact their human resources with a request for a belated enrollment form.

To review the December 5, Benefits Administration Letter from OPM, click here, OPM Letter.