FY 2014 Pay Raise


9/3/13: Friday, the President called for a one percent pay increase for the federal workforce for FY 2014. The pay raise is scheduled to be effective January 1, 2014.  This brings to an end a three-year freeze on federal pay.  While no further action is needed for the raise to go into effect, NTEU is working to prevent any Congressional action to block it.

As you know, in the weeks ahead, Congress must pass a budget for FY 2014 and increase the debt limit. During these deliberations, NTEU will press Congress to remember that federal employees already have contributed some $114 billion toward deficit reduction as a result of the pay freeze and higher pension contributions. Many federal employees also have been subject to unpaid furlough days. No other group in our nation has been asked to share as significantly in the effort to address our economic and fiscal circumstances. NTEU’s continuing focus will be to ensure that our members receive this increase.