SEC Misrepresents "Collaboration" in Performance System Training Module


10/8/11: The training modules for the SEC’s so-called “evidence based” performance management system contain statements that describe the process for developing performance objectives and standards as having been "collaborative," and even go so far as to say that the Union’s feedback was incorporated in the final drafts of the objectives and standards. 

These statements misrepresent and unfairly characterize the SEC’s performance management team’s unilateral development of the system as "collaborative." Similar statements contained in an earlier version of the performance management sharepoint site were removed after the Union objected to them. We are disturbed that the performance management team has now decided to use this misleading language they had earlier agreed to remove. 

In reality, the performance management team almost always rejected Union input. Focus groups including over 100 SEC employees provided feedback directly to the performance management team and the SEC’s performance management contractors. This feedback was negative and criticized the vague and subjective nature of the new system. The SEC also rejected this input. 

Unfortunately, SEC employees should not rely on any statements issued by the SEC on the process pursuant to which the new system was developed.