NTEU Supports Appointment of Pope to FLRA


3/12/07: NTEU is urging the Senate to promptly confirm the reappointment of Carol Waller Pope to the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA), which has had one of its three seats open since her term expired last December. NTEU President Colleen Kelley, who expressed NTEU's strong support for Ms. Pope's reappointment in January, welcomed White House action to make this appointment to another term on the FLRA. "I call on the Senate to act promptly on her confirmation," she stated, "the vital role of the FLRA is too important to leave seats open for any period of time."

NTEU's position was echoed by Sens. Daniel Akaka (Hawaii) and Joseph Lieberman (Conn.) who called on the White House to nominate Pope not only because of her vast experience, which includes two decades serving the FLRA in various roles, but also because she would fill the Democratic seat on the FLRA.

It is important that all seats on the FLRA be occupied, to ensure that matters before it will move forward -- including matters that NTEU has filed on behalf of SEC employees.