Senate Passes Continuing Resolution


9/28/07: Late yesterday, in a vote of 94-1, the Senate passed H.J. Res. 52, the FY 2008 Continuing Resolution (CR) that funds the government agencies at FY 2007 levels until November 16, 2007. Earlier, as reported yesterday, the House passed the resolution by 404-14. The measure now goes to the White House where it is expected to be signed by the President.

Action on this CR means the government will continue to be funded until November 16, 2007. Meanwhile, Congress and the President will continue to work on the regular FY 2008 appropriations bills. Currently, the House has passed all of its 12 bills, and the Senate has passed four and is working on the remainder. Unfortunately, the President has threatened a number of vetoes although the final outcomes remain to be seen.

NTEU will continue to urge expeditious action on all of the remaining appropriations bills so that they may be enacted without further delay.