HQ Reorganization and Office Selection Seniority


11/13/07: In the coming weeks, the SEC will be reorganizing Station Place One and Two. This reorganization will involve the relocation of a large number of employees in an effort to better consolidate various Divisions and Offices. NTEU is currently discussing these moves with management.

As part of this process, NTEU will be providing a seniority rule for the office selection process. In the past, several different rules have been utilized at the SEC for this purpose, and several rules have been proposed by Chapter 293 members in conjunction with the current process.

Chapter 293 members at HQ and Virginia will vote to select the seniority rule at HQ for NTEU from among the following choices:

  • Grade, then Federal Service;
  • Grade, then Step, then Federal Service;
  • Grade, then SEC Service; or
  • Grade, then Step, then SEC Service.

Ballots on this issue will be collected from NTEU Chapter 293 members at the Union Office (2541 or 2549) during the hours of 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM on Tuesday, December 4, 2007 and Wednesday, December 5, 2007. Click HERE for a ballot. You must deliver your ballot and get it checked off by a union officer for your vote to count.

If you are not a member of Chapter 293, but you would like to participate in the vote on this issue, Membership Dues Withholding Forms (SF-1187) are available at the Union Office, or by clicking HERE.

Thank you.