Anti-Telework Legislation Approved by House of Representatives


This week, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 221-206 to pass the so-called SHOW UP Act (H.R. 139). NTEU opposes this legislation and urged members of the House of Representatives to vote no on this bill. We are grateful for those members of Congress who voted with NTEU.   

The legislation would require every federal agency to return to the telework policies in place in 2019, without regard to either collective bargaining agreements or the proven positive results based on actual telework experience. Given that some federal agencies are reducing leased space or have already signed leases binding them to release office space in the near future (such as the SEC), this poorly written bill makes no provision as to where these agencies would provide office space to the employees they mandate return to the office.  

During floor debate on this bill, even the bill’s proponents failed to provide arguments for why it was necessary. In fact, the bill’s sponsor started the debate admitting he had no data showing that telework and remote work had any harmful effects and conceded that telework helps recruitment. The bill was rushed to the floor without any hearing. 

NTEU will be working with our allies in the Senate to prevent this harmful legislation from moving forward.