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Congressional Budget Resolutions Would Harm Federal Employees


As you know, the House and Senate passed budget resolutions that contain substantial cuts to federal employee benefits.  When Congress returns from its recess, each chamber will appoint conferees to bargain on a final budget resolution. The next budget action will be expected on or soon after April 15, 2015. NTEU wants to be sure that a final budget resolution contains none of the harmful cuts contained in the current House and Senate versions.

The House version:

  • Cuts $278 billion from the federal workforce over 10 years;
  • Cuts the federal workforce by 10%;
  • Requires federal employees to pay 6% more for their pension;
  • Changes the FEHBP into a voucher plan;
  • Bases federal employee retirees’ health benefits on length of service;
  • Ends the FERS supplement, and the defined benefit portion of FERS for new employees; and
  • Lowers the rate of return in the G Fund of the TSP.  

The Senate version:

  • Cuts $170 billion in federal employee compensation, including a provision to pay 6% more in contributions to pensions.

Both resolutions continue sequestration funding levels for domestic agencies but include additional funding for the Department of Defense outside the Budget Control Act caps. Members of Congress are motivated by their constituents and it’s important that we continue to educate them on these important legislative issues.  To find out more visit