Senate Appropriations Committee Approves 3.5% Pay Raise Recommendation


9/13/07: On September 12, 2007, the full Senate Appropriations Committee approved the recommendation of its Subcommittee on Defense and passed the military pay raise at 3.5 percent for fiscal year 2008. The Senate Committee’s version of H.R. 3222 passed out of committee unanimously, 29-0.

This development further demonstrates the bipartisan support for NTEU’s request for an increase of one-half percent above the administration’s proposed 3 percent increase for the military and civilian workforce. At the present time, all major legislative vehicles that address the two raises have either been reported out of committee or passed one body of Congress with the 3.5 percent level intact. As many of you know, action by the appropriations committees is particularly important because the appropriators make the key decisions on government spending.

While final action on both the FY 2008 Department of Defense appropriations bill and the Financial Services and General Government appropriations bill must still occur before Congress adjourns for the year, having the 3.5 percent in all vehicles will make decisions on pay more clear cut. The Defense measure is expected to be brought up before the full Senate within two weeks. Meanwhile, the Financial Services bill is still awaiting Senate Floor action, or it could be included in a future omnibus spending bill.

While NTEU is in a good position on this issue, we will not take anything for granted, but will remain vigilant to the need for this well-deserved raise.