NTEU Petitions FLRA to Amend Its Regulation on Policy Statements and General Guidance


NTEU has filed a petition for rulemaking asking the FLRA to revise its regulation regarding who may ask it for general statements of policy or guidance. During the last administration, anti-union groups that were not comprised of federal employees seized upon broad language in the regulation to request policy statements or general guidance aimed at hurting federal unions and the employees that they represent. You can view the petition here.

NTEU’s proposed revision would limit those who could request FLRA policy statements or general guidance to (1) the head of an agency; (2) the president of a labor organization, or (3) the head of any lawful association of federal employees not qualified as a labor organization.

We hope that the FLRA will agree that it should only entertain requests from those who are actually subject to its statutory authority and affected by its decisions