NTEU Chapter 293 Directory

Wanda Hunter


Division of Trading and Markets
(202) 551-6457

Wanda is an Attorney-Advisor in OCIE’s Office of Chief Counsel, Compliance. Prior to joining OCC, she worked in the broker-dealer examination program. She served in that capacity for approximately ten years conducting examinations focused on AML compliance at a wide range of broker-dealers.

Jeanine Jackson

Executive Board member

Office of Municipal Securities

Jeanine serves as an HQ representative on Chapter 293's Executive Board. She works in OMS.

Corey Jennings


Division of Corporation Finance
(202) 551–3460

Corey is a Special Counsel in the Office of International Corporate Finance.

Rebekah Lindsey


Division of Corporation Finance

Rebekah is a Staff Accountant in the Division of Corporation Finance and a union steward. She joined the SEC in 2004 after working in public accounting and private industry. She currently reviews filings for companies in the technology industry and before that, the financial services industry. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Sonoma State University and is a CPA in the state of California.

Jeff Lyttle

Executive Board member | Steward

San Francisco Regional Office
(415) 705-2341

Jeff is a Broker-Dealer Compliance Examiner in the San Francisco Regional Office. He originally served as a steward there during the early days of the Union, and reassumed that role in 2010. He was appointed to the Executive Board in 2014.

William Maldonado


Los Angeles Regional Office
(323) 965-3874

William is an Examiner in the Los Angeles Regional Office, where he also serves as a union steward.

Mickael Moore

Executive Board member | Steward

Office of International Affairs
(202) 551-6694

Mickaël is Senior Counsel in the Office of International Affairs in Washington DC, where he serves as a steward, and also as a Headquarters Representative (Professional) on the Executive Board. He has worked for the agency since 1991.

Jody Moore

Executive Board Member

Fort Worth Regional Office
(817) 978-6425

Jody has been a steward in FWRO since 2012. He became a steward to assist staff with questions and issues and to facilitate communications between staff and management. Jody enjoys golf, college football, and live music events.

Regina Mumford-Rush

Steward | Executive Board Member

Office of Acquisitions
(202) 551-7463

Regina is a native New Yorker who has worked as a procurement professional in the DMV area for over 30 years. She joined the SEC in 2008 working as a Contracting Officer and a Team Lead in the Office of Acquisitions. Regina endeavors to create a positive environment that radiates professionalism, builds trust, and establishes relationships that foster frank and respectful communication between bargaining unit members and management. This level of communication is key to her success in carrying out her responsibilities where she channels her optimistic outlook, energy, and ebullient personality in an effort for others to achieve their goals. Regina’s tenacity, strong leadership abilities, and problem solving skills will give others a positive perspective on the future. Her giving and caring nature has and will continue to motivate and inspire others in her capacity as your union steward.

Michael Nally


Philadelphia Regional Office
(215) 597-3321

Michael is a Staff Accountant in IA/IC in the Philadelphia Regional Office. He serves as a PLRO steward.

Drew O'Brien

Executive Board member

Chicago Regional Office
(312) 886-3215

Drew is an Enforcement attorney in the Chicago Regional Office, where he also serves as the CHRO representative on the Chapter 293 Executive Board.

Dee O'Hair


Chicago Regional Office
(312) 353-5421

Dee is an enforcement attorney in the Chicago Regional Office.

Sean O'Neill


Miami Regional Office
(305) 982-6302

Sean is an Enforcement attorney in the Miami Regional Office who serves as a steward.

Sonja Osborne


Office of Support Operations
(202) 551-8371

Sonja is a Lead Research Specialist in the Office of FOIA Services. She serves as a OSO steward.

William Ostrow

Executive Board member | Steward

New York Regional Office
(212) 336-0599

William is a Senior Staff Accountant in the Division of Examinations with Investment Adviser / Investment Company (IAIC) in the New York Regional Office, where he serves as a steward. He has been with the Commission since July 1999. He has served for over 10 years as a delegate to the NTEU National Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. He continues to represent Broker-Dealer (BDX) and IAIC in the Labor-Management Relations Committee (LMRC). He successfully completed the SEC Securities and Financial Regulation and Certificate Program offered in conjunction with Georgetown University Law Center. He is a current member of both the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (“CFE”) and the Securities and Exchange Commission Historical Society. In January 2016, he became a CAMS Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS).

Shirela Patterson


Fort Worth Regional Office
(817) 900-2632
Lawrence Pisto


Boston Regional Office
(617) 573-5920

Lawrence is an Enforcement attorney in the Boston Regional Office, where he also serves as a steward.

Victoria Prescott


Fort Worth Regional Office
(817) 978-6468

Victoria joined the staff of the Commission in 1989 as a Staff Attorney in the Division of Enforcement/FWRO. She served as the Federal Woman’s Program Coordinator for the FWRO, and in the spring of 1992 received the Commission’s Jeanne Gerber Hartford Award for Contributions to the Status of Women. Later that year, Victoria became a Branch Chief in Enforcement. Ultimately, she served as a Deputy Assistant in Enforcement at the FWRO. In 2001, she received the Commission’s Supervisory Excellence Award. In 2004, Victoria joined FWRO Division of Examinations, where she serves as Regulatory Counsel. In 2009, Victoria received the Commission’s Community Service Award. In 2014, she completed the Excellence in Government Fellowship Program. Building on the EIG program’s group project involving the TSP, Victoria continued to work with representatives of OPM, the SSA, the FRTIB (TSP) and Federal Executive Boards to create a retirement training program for federal employees located throughout the country. This training differs from industry sponsored events because all trainers are federal employees with expertise in various fields related to federal retirement. Thousands of federal employees have participated in this training, which in 2020 received a Pensions & Investments Eddy Award. Victoria also serves on the FWRO Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Victoria graduated from the University of Texas in 1978 and from the University of Houston, School of Law in 1981. Following law school, Victoria served as an Assistant District Attorney for Tarrant County Texas, in both the Trial and Appellate Divisions, and a brief stint in private practice. Victoria loves spending time with her husband, sons and daughter-in-law. She also enjoys music, time with friends cycling, hiking, chatting about books as well as having the family’s three spirited dogs take her on walks.

Matthew Reisig


Division of Enforcement
(202) 551-3529
Patricia Sardnola


Boston Regional Office
(617) 573-5913

Patricia is a Staff Accountant in the Boston Regional Office, where she also works as a union steward.

James Scoggins


Division of Enforcement

James works for the Enforcement Division, and serves as a union steward.

Joyce Segura

Executive Board member | Steward

Office of Information Technology
(202) 551-3529

Joyce is a Financial Management Specialist in the Office of Information Technology, where she serves as a Steward and a Headquarters Representative to the Executive Board.

Nina Smallwood-Johnson


Office of Investor Education and Advocacy

Nina is an attorney in the Office of Investor Education & Advocacy. She previously worked as an attorney in the Office of Market Oversight. Prior to joining the SEC, she worked as counsel for The Acacia Group, a broker-dealer. Nina received her JD and MBA from The American University in Washington D.C.

Ryan Sutcliffe


Division of Investment Management
(202) 551-6197

Ryan is an attorney in the Disclosure Review and Accounting Office in the Division of Investment Management. He previously worked as an attorney in the Office of Market Oversight and the Broker-Dealer/Exchange Program within the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations.

Tenita Thomas


Atlanta Regional Office
(404) 842-5735

Tenita is a Compliance Examiner in the Atlanta Regional Office.