Part IX: Committees

The President shall appoint, within thirty (30) days after assuming office, a Chairperson and the members of the following standing committees, and the President shall publish for the information of the membership the names of the Chairpersons and the members of each committee. These appointees shall serve for one (1) year.

Section 1.

Classification and Responsibilities

(A) Committee on Election and Nominations -- shall consist of three (3) members and a Chairperson for the purpose of conducting a democratic election of officers as provided in the NTEU Constitution.

(1) This Committee shall conduct the election of Chapter officers pursuant to Part IV, Section 2, of the NTEU National Bylaws.

(2) This Committee shall count the ballots, and post the results of the election and mail results to all posts of duty. The newly elected officers shall be notified in writing by the Chairperson of the Election and Nominations Committee of their election.

(3) The Chairperson shall immediately make a written report on the results of the election to the NTEU National Headquarters Office.

(B) Committee on Membership -- shall consist of a Chairperson and no less than two (2) additional members, for the purpose of increasing and retaining the number of active employee members eligible for membership in the Chapter, and shall:

(1) devise a program of membership recruitment of all employees in the Chapter’s jurisdiction in order for an effective membership program to be conducted on a continual basis;

(2) accept and promptly forward to the Treasurer the dues collected along with the applications for cash dues paying membership;

(3) report to the President the format of the membership program and its status; and

(4) distribute and accept membership applications, requests for transfers of memberships from other Chapter or to other Chapters, assist with execution of Form 1187 for dues withholding and promptly forward such items to the Treasurer.

(C) Legislative Committee -- shall consist of no less than two (2) members and a Chairperson for the purpose of ensuring Chapter participation in ongoing legislative efforts being conducted by the National Headquarters Office.

(1) This Committee shall keep abreast of all legislative issues as they apply to Federal employees;

(2) Coordinate lobbying efforts designed to inform Members of Congress of the Chapter’s views on an issue of legislative proposal. These lobbying efforts should included, but are not limited to:

(a) Personal visits;

(b) Community group meetings

(c) Personal letters

(d) Telephone calls

(3) Conduct two (2) "legislative seminars" annually in an effort to educate the membership about the importance of legislative activity;

(4) Organize any informational picketing to be engaged in by the Chapter.

(D) Newsletter/Publicity Committee -- shall consist of an Editor-in-Chief and additional editors as required, and a necessary number of writers and assistants.

(E) Other such committees as are deemed necessary to accomplish the aims of the Chapter may be appointed by the President. The number of members shall be the number considered practical and necessary by the President. Such appointed committees shall serve until discharged by the President or until the end of the fiscal year.