Part VII: Chapter Officers

Section 1.

Officer Designations

The officers of this Chapter shall be those designated in Part VI, Section 1, of these Bylaws.

Section 2.


Any member of this Chapter, excluding those members who are not in the bargaining unit, may be elected to any office.

Section 3.


(A) Terms of office for the Chapter officers shall be three (3) years. The election to office of all Chapter officers shall follow the procedures provided for in the NTEU National Constitution and Bylaws. The election process shall begin on or about August 1, and the officers will assume their elected positions at the beginning of the Chapter’s fiscal year.

(B) The Chapter President and Vice President, by their election, are considered ex officio delegates to the NTEU National Conventions conducted during their terms of office.

(C) The election of any additional delegates to the NTEU National Convention shall be conducted pursuant to the NTEU National Constitution and Bylaws.

Section 4.


(A) The President’s duties shall be:

(1) to appoint and remove stewards, including a Chief Steward, after consultation with the members of the Executive Board;

(2) to issue proper notice calling meetings of the Chapter and the Executive Board pursuant to Part IV, Section 3 and Part V, Sections 2 and 3 of these Bylaws;

(3) to preside at all regular and special meetings of the Chapter and Executive Board;

(4) to appoint chairpersons of all standing and special committees pursuant to Part IX of these Bylaws;

(5) to appoint all committee members and maintain ex officio membership of each;

(6) to represent and act as spokesperson for the Chapter in all matters;

(7) to sign all documents pertaining to official business of the Chapter;

(8) to name a Chairperson of the Membership Committee;

(9) to name a Chairperson of the Legislative Committee;

(10) to appoint an Editor of the Chapter newsletter; and

(11) to perform all other duties as are necessary to protect and advance the interests of the membership.

(B) The Vice President’s duties shall be:

(1) to perform the duties of the President during the President’s absence or inability to serve; and

(2) to serve as an assistant to the President.

(C) In addition to the responsibility as a member of the Executive Board, the Vice President’s duties shall be:

(1) to contribute information and articles to the Chapter newsletter editor;

(2) to coordinate the activities of the membership committee under the direction of the President, and to build membership to the highest possible level;

(3) to report directly to the President any and all problems of the members and to keep the President informed as to the progress in solving these problems; and

(4) to distribute information and assist the President as his/her spokesperson.

(D) The duties of the Secretary will be:

(1) to record and keep minutes on all meetings of the Chapter and the Executive Board;

(2) to conduct such correspondence as may be necessary or as the President shall direct; and maintain copies in a permanent file;

(3) to maintain custody of all books, records, papers and effects of the Chapter, and transfer these items to his/her successor at termination of his/her tenure of office;

(4) to distribute literature, copies of documents and other communications to the Chapter members.

(E) The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

(1) to receive and deposit all funds of the Chapter in a depository approved by the Executive Board;

(2) to make payments from funds as authorized by the President or Executive Board, and to maintain a petty cash fund in an amount as determined by the Executive Board;

(3) to remit promptly to the Administrative Controller of the National Headquarters Office, as provided by the National Constitution, per capita dues collected from the members of the Chapter and to send an accompanying list of those members;

(4) to submit monthly financial reports and other reports as requested by the Executive Board;

(5) to provide the Secretary with dues information necessary for the Secretary to maintain an updated membership roster;

(6) to submit the Chapter books and accounts for audit on the demand of the Executive Board;

(7) to furnish a surety bond to the Chapter, the premium of such bond to be paid by the Chapter;

(8) to prepare and file Internal Revenue Form 990 and Department of Labor LM forms; and

(9) to keep an accurate and current record of all receipts and expenditures of the Chapter, according to accepted accounting procedures.