Part X: Delegates and Proxies

Section 1.

Delegates to National Convention

(A) The Executive Board at a meeting not less than thirty (30) days prior to the National Convention shall determine the amount of delegate expense that will be paid by Chapter funds. Each delegate must receive an equal amount of reimbursement.

(B) The President and Vice President respectively shall serve as delegates unless unable to attend. If the Executive Board determines that additional delegates may attend at Chapter expense, such delegates will be elected pursuant to the NTEU National Constitution and Bylaws.

(C) Any member who wishes to attend the National Convention as a delegate at his/her own expense must be elected pursuant to the NTEU Constitution and Bylaws.

(D) The Chairperson of the delegation will be the President or in his/her absence, the highest ranking officer who is a delegate.

(E) If no Chapter officer is a delegate, the Executive Board will appoint the Chairperson and define the succession of authority in the delegation.

Section 2.


For the purpose of representation at the National Convention, the Chapter may designate by proxy any member or members of NTEU elected pursuant to Part IV of the NTEU National Bylaws on a form prescribed by the Administrative Controller of NTEU. There shall be the statement made that the authority to issue and assign a proxy is given pursuant to a motion duly passed at a regular or special Chapter meeting. The member of NTEU to whom the proxy is assigned shall be named therein and it shall be signed by the President and Secretary of the Chapter.