Part XI: Business Procedure

Section 1.

Executive Board -- Order of Business

(A) At each annual or general meeting of the Executive Board as provided by Part VII, Section 4, the following order of business shall be observed:

(1) call to order;

(2) roll call

(3) report of President;

(4) report of Treasurer;

(5) report of Chairpersons of standing committees, as needed;

(6) reports by the Vice President as requested by the President;

(7) unfinished business;

(8) new business; and

(9) adjournment.

(B) The above order of business may be suspended at any time by a majority vote of the Executive Board members presented at the meeting. In case of a special meeting of the Board, the President’s call for the meeting shall set forth the business to be transacted and the order of it.