September 2022 Telework Survey

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As you know, back in March 2020, the union negotiated and obtained our current 100% telework status to keep employees safe during the pandemic. Since that time, the SEC’s entire workforce has had the option to telework 100% of the time. SEC employees have performed their work well from home for two and a half years. The SEC's current telework posture will continue at least through January 9, 2023 and perhaps longer depending on the pandemic situation this winter. 

At some point (likely sometime in 2023), SEC employees will return to the office under what will become the "new normal" for work schedules at the agency. Currently, the union and SEC Chairman Gary Gensler are in negotiations over the Collective Bargaining Agreement (“CBA”), including Article 11 of the CBA, which contains the terms of our previous telework program at the SEC prior to the pandemic. The parties are in mediation to try to resolve their disagreements over what Article 11 will look like post pandemic. These disagreements may require resolution by the Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP) after mediation. If that occurs, the union will be required to provide evidence at the FSIP in support of its positions. The views of SEC employees regarding telework-related issues will constitute an important part of that evidence.

To assist the union in its representation of you, the union is updating the results of its telework survey from the spring of 2021. Even if you participated in our telework survey back then, we would greatly appreciate it if you would respond to the survey below concerning what your telework expectations will be when we return to the office. Evidence of this sort will be absolutely essential at the Federal Service Impasses Panel. The questions are directly related to positions taken by the SEC during our negotiations.

Your participation in this survey is important no matter what your views are regarding telework.

As always, we will keep your individual responses on our external private server confidential from management. We do need you to identify yourself, however, to ensure that our data comes from SEC employees and that everyone participates in the survey only once. Thanks very much in advance for responding to this survey!