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In a rush to the finish, the House and then the Senate both approved the final package of funding bills for the current fiscal year ending the constant threat of a shutdown caused by repeated continuing resolutions.
The House voted Friday morning to clear the package and immediately sent it to the Senate for action. Within hours, Senators began debate on the final six appropriations bills and ultimately voted for its approval. This package provides funding for a number of NTEU-represented agencies including Treasury (and the IRS), CBP, FLETC, DoD, HHS, FEC, FCC, SEC and SSA.
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As you know, last week’s passage of a $2.149 billion FY 2024 budget for the SEC represented a “level-funded” budget equal to the agency’s budget for FY 2023. As a result, Chair Gensler is opting to reduce a number of items in the agency’s budget for the remainder of the fiscal year (through September 30). The union is pleased to report that it was able to defend next month’s union-negotiated pay increase from cuts, including both raises and merit pay cash payments, which will not be affected. The reductions will, however, include cuts to important union-negotiated benefits that SEC employees... Read more ...
NTEU joins the nation in commemorating Women's History Month. This year we are celebrating the women who fought through adversity for the right to vote.
The original Schedule F executive order signed by President Trump in 2020 purportedly targeted federal employees who work in policy-related positions, but records obtained by NTEU show it went well beyond policy-makers and swept up attorneys, human resource specialists, administrative assistants, cybersecurity specialists and many others. “Resurrecting Schedule F in the next Republican administration is designed to get rid of even more federal employees than anyone realized,” NTEU National President Doreen Greenwald recently remarked. It is important that you be fully informed about these... Read more ...

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Congressional leaders released the final funding package for FY 2024, which funds the remaining six bills at levels consistent with the bipartisan budget agreement.  The House plans to vote on the package tomorrow, but Senate action may not occur until the weekend leading to a partial government shutdown tomorrow at midnight.
Funding is set to expire tomorrow night at midnight for agencies and programs funded by the Defense, Financial Services, Homeland Security, Labor-HHS-Education, Legislative Branch and State-Foreign Operations appropriations bills unless Congress acts.  NTEU agencies... Read more ...
The President has signed the short-term continuing resolution (CR) passed by Congress last week that extends government funding deadlines until Friday, March 8, and March 22. It is anticipated that legislative text for the Agriculture-FDA, Energy-Water, Military Construction-VA, Transportation-HUD, Interior-Environment, and Commerce-Justice-Science appropriations bills will be released in the coming days. While congressional leaders have reached an agreement on these funding bills, more work is needed on the remaining bills--Includng SEC. Although a shutdown did not occur last week, we must... Read more ...
Yesterday, congressional leaders released the text for a legislative package that includes six of the 12 annual appropriations bills:  Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies; Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies; Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies; Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies; Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies; and Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies. The funding levels in the bill are consistent with the debt limit deal reached last year and... Read more ...
In honor of Black History Month, the union is celebrating Constance Baker Motley, the first Black woman to argue a case before the U.S. Supreme Court, winning nine of the 10 cases she argued, and the first to serve as a federal judge. The U.S. Postal Service honored her this year with the 47th stamp in the Black Heritage series.  
Congress sent a short-term spending bill to President Biden that would avert a partial government shutdown until March. The House passed the Senate's Continuing Resolution (CR) by a vote of 314-108, with opposition coming from conservative Republicans led by the House Freedom Caucus. President Biden will sign the measure.
Government funding was set to expire tonight for several federal agencies unless Congress passed a CR. NTEU agencies affected by this deadline were USDA, FDA, DOE, and NRC. Funding for the remaining agencies, including the SEC, was set to expire two weeks later on February 2... Read more ...
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