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As the Senate prepares to consider a highway funding bill, we have learned that one of funding mechanisms under consideration to offset the costs of the highway bill is to lower the rate of return on the G Fund. The G Fund rate of return uses a formula identical to one used by Social Security to fund its disability program. Some Members of Congress are interested in lowering the rate of return on the G Fund and using those savings to fund other programs. 
NTEU strongly opposes such a move. Lowering the rate would, even in the words of the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, render the... Read more ...
NTEU-supported legislation has been introduced in the Senate and will soon be introduced in the House of Representatives to provide lifetime coverage to individuals affected in the recently announced OPM personnel records and background investigation breaches.  Senator Ben Cardin (MD), joined by Senators Mikulski (MD), Kaine (VA) and Warner (VA), have introduced S. 1746, the Recover Act, Reducing the Effects of the Cyberattack on OPM Victims Emergency Response Act of 2015. Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC) is expected to soon introduce similar legislation in the House. 
The... Read more ...
Today NTEU received a briefing from OMB and OPM on the recent data breaches. The call provided some new information on the second data breach that affected background investigation information. While we were not told the number of people affected by the second breach, we have since learned the number is 21.5 million. We were told that sensitive information was stolen from forms SF 85’s and SF 86’s filled out by federal job applicants, employees and contractors. Social Security Numbers were stolen for the individual, as well as in some cases, the spouse or partner.  Individuals who filled out... Read more ...
Identity Theft
NTEU has filed a lawsuit against OPM in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in connection with last month’s sweeping data breaches, which exposed the personal information of millions of federal employees. In addition to basic information typically found in personnel files, background investigation materials for current, former, and prospective federal employees were also compromised. Those materials include inherently private information provided by individuals who put their trust in OPM to keep that information confidential.
As its own Inspector General has made... Read more ...

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