New Chapter 293 Website Launched


10/06: The website you are currently viewing replaces Chapter 293's old website. This new site will prominently feature more news on the home page, as well as a great deal of additional content and information. It will be updated more frequently than in the past.

The new site includes a news "Headlines" area, in which new stories will appear at the top of the page. Recent headlines will also appear on the home page, indicating new material that is available on the site. In addition, a new navigation bar with a search feature is available on the left of the site, making it easier to find information. Older news and newsletters will be archived in the "Newsletters" section. In addition, the new "Membership" and "Resources" sections will provide a wide variety of content and information that Chapter 293 leaders hope will prove to be useful to SEC employees.

"It's our intention to deliver a greater amount of useful information to SEC employees more frequently than in the past," said Chapter 293 President Greg Gilman. "It's one of the things that the I promised to do during the election over the summer, and I hope that the new website, along with Chapter 293's new newsletter, Chapter 293 Works, will be a big part of that."

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning the new website, please email Greg Gilman.