NTEU Chapter 293 Directory

Greg Gilman

Chapter 293 President | Executive Board member

Boston Regional Office
(617) 573-8948

Greg is an Enforcement attorney in the Boston Regional Office, and he serves as the President of Chapter 293. He is an effective and successful advocate for the rights of SEC employees, and he is intimately involved in most aspects of chapter negotiations, national and local grievances, and chapter communications. Under his leadership, union membership has increased at the most rapid rate of any chapter in the National Treasury Employees Union.

Lance Alworth

Chapter 293 Vice President | Executive Board member | Steward

Division of Examinations
(202) 551-6234

Lance is an Attorney Adviser in the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations, where he also serves as Chapter 293 Vice President, steward and member of the Executive Board.

Melissia Buckhalter-Honore

Chapter 293 Secretary | Executive Board member | Steward

Los Angeles Regional Office
(323) 965-4572

Melissia serves as Chapter 293's Secretary. She is a Senior Attorney in the LA Regional Office, where she also serves as a steward.

James Giugliano

Chapter 293 Treasurer | Executive Board Member | Steward

Division of Corporation Finance
(202) 551-3319

James is a senior accountant in the Division of Corporation Finance, where he serves as a steward and as a member of the CorpFin Labor Management Relations Committee. He also serves as Chapter 293's Treasurer. In his role in the Division of Corporation Finance, James reviews filings from registrants in the Office of Trade & Services for compliance with accounting standards and disclosure rules. He has been with the Commission since 2007 and is proud to have become a member of Chapter 293 on his first day at the SEC. James has prior experience in both public accounting and private industry. He graduated with a BS in Accounting and International Business from the Stern School of Business at New York University and is a CPA.

Dan Barry

Chapter 293 Chief Steward | Executive Board member

Boston Regional Office
(671) 573-8908

Dan is a Senior Counsel in the Asset Management Unit in the Division of Enforcement at the Boston Regional Office. He has been active with the union since its creation -- first as a steward, then as the BRO Representative on the Executive Board, and, more recently, as the Chapter’s Chief Steward. Before joining the SEC in 2000, Dan worked as a staff attorney for the Federal Trade Commission’s Boston Regional Office, as an in-house counsel with Welch’s (the grape juice people), as a law clerk to Associate Justice Ruth Abrams of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, and as a legislative aide to a Massachusetts State Representative. Dan has a B.A. from Brown University, magna cum laude, and a J.D. from Harvard Law School, cum laude. He lives in Belmont, MA, with his wife, Barbara, who is an active member of the Massachusetts Teachers Association, and their sons, Brendan and Joseph.

Paul Anderson


Division of Examinations
(202) 551-5917

Paul is a Senior Securities Compliance Examiner in the Division of Examinations at Headquarters. Paul started at the Commission in 2000 as an attorney in the Division of Enforcement at the Miami Regional Office and then joined Examinations in 2007, where he has served in a number of roles including Branch Chief for the Office of Broker-Dealer in Washington, DC. Paul has a B.A. from the State University of New York at Binghamton and a J.D from the University of Miami School of Law. Prior to joining the Commission, he practiced admiralty and employment law in Miami and was also a registered representative in the securities industry. In 2009, he retired from the United States Navy Reserve at the rank of Commander. He lives in Montclair, Virginia with his wife Jane, their daughters Kate and Claire, and their two retired racing greyhounds, Sunny and Lenny.

David Baddley


Division of Enforcement
(404) 842-7625

David is a Trial Attorney in the Atlanta Regional Office, where he also serves as a union steward.

Alix Biel


New York Regional Office
(212) 336-0028

Alix is an Enforcement Attorney in the New York Regional Office, where she also serves as a steward.

Morgan Bradylyons


Office of the General Counsel

Morgan is an OGC attorney who serves as a steward.

Melinda Broderick

Executive Board member

Denver Regional Office
(303) 844-1054

Melinda joined the SEC in 2001 as an examiner in the broker-dealer area in Boston. She transferred to the investment adviser group in 2006 and to the Denver office in 2021, where she is a senior staff accountant and a union steward. She received a BBA from Baylor University, an MBA from Boston University and a JD from Suffolk University.

Luis Casais


Division of Investment Management
(212) 336-0489

Luis joined the SEC in 1999 as an examiner in OCIE’s Investment Adviser/Investment Company examination program. In 2013 he moved over to the Division of Investment Management’s Analytics Office where he conducts examinations to identify systemic risk and assist in rulemaking efforts, and where he serves as a union steward. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner and graduated from St. Peter’s College in 1999 with a degree in International Business and Trade.

Jamie Chan


Division of Examinations
(202) 551-6232

Jamie is the Deputy Assistant Director in FSIO in the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations. After working at a couple of law firms, Jamie joined the SEC in ’88. He has been in the inspections group for 30 years, starting with when the group was part of Market Regulation (Trading and Markets). According to Jamie, "this group is where you can get the broadest exposure to how the brokerage industry operates. It also has had the best management and staff. I was the responsible branch chief contributing to the memo creating OCIE in 1995." Jamie's wife, Cynthia, also of 30 years, is at the DC US Attorney’s office. They have 3 kids and 3 college tuition responsibilities. Jamie runs the SEC (merchandise) Store, and he is an elite athlete having won 2 gold medals in the Senior Olympics in croquet. He came to DC from Boston 40 years ago with the intent of returning after a year. Family matters, law school, marriage and kids have trapped him in DC and hopefully he can finally return to New England when he retires. "Friends remind me that talk is cheap. I look forward to being a union steward."

Ellen Chen


San Francisco Regional Office
(415) 705-2449

Ellen works in Enforcement in the SFRO, where she serves as a steward.

Jason Chronopoulos


Chicago Regional Office
(312) 596-6028

Jason joined the Commission’s IA/IC Examination Program in November of 2016 after working as an enforcement attorney with the Illinois Securities Department for ten years. Jason studied at Kent State for undergrad and, in 2000, graduated from Indiana University with a J.D. and a M.P.A. In his spare time Jason enjoys watching the New York Rangers, walking the dog, camping and hiking.

Daniel Deli


Division of Economic and Risk Analysis
(202) 551-5850

Dan is a Financial Economist in the Office of Asset Management (DERA), where he also serves as Chapter 293 steward.

Drew Dorman


Division of Enforcement
(202) 551-4955

Drew is a senior enforcement attorney in Headquarters, where he also serves as a steward.

Carol Fava


New York Regional Office
(212) 336-0451

Carol is a Staff Accountant in the New York Regional Office.

James Fay

National Steward

Boston Regional Office
(617) 573-8815

James is a Senior Enforcement Attorney in the Boston Regional Office. He received a BA and an MA in history from Providence College, and a JD from Boston College Law School. He worked for several years as an attorney in the private sector, becoming a partner at the Boston law firm of Morrison, Mahoney. He commenced his service at the SEC in 1998 as an enforcement attorney in Washington. He spent seven years in the Enforcement Division in Washington, where he worked on a number of securities fraud investigations, before transferring to Boston. James favors utilizing a constructive approach when dealing with management, but believes that the union offers employees a stronger voice within the agency than any single employee could ever have on his or her own. He lives minutes from Narragansett Bay near Providence with his wife and their three sons, aged 2, 4 and 6. He and his wife are active in their parish and in his children’s school. Although he is an avid golfer and custom golf clubmaker most of his time these days goes to renovating his family’s home.

Paul Feindt

Steward | Executive Board Member

Salt Lake Regional Office
(801) 524-6740

Paul is the steward and Executive Board member in the Salt Lake City Regional Office.

Jeffrey Frankel


New York Regional Office
(212) 336-0509

Jeffrey is a Staff Accountant at the New York Regional Office in the Office of Compliance Inspections & Examinations in the Investment Adviser & Investment Company Program. He joined the Commission in 2003. When he’s not at work, Jeffrey tries to keep his mind sharp by reading and tries to stay in shape to keep up with his three young children.

Scott Gammel


Denver Regional Office
(303) 844-1074

Scott is a steward in the Denver Regional Office.

Joyce Gammelmo

Executive Board member | Steward

Division of Economic and Risk Analysis
(202) 551-8932

Joyce is a Management and Program Analyst in the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis, where she serves as a member of the SEC Diversity Council, is an advocate and long-standing member of the Disability Interests Advisory Committee, and serves on the Chapter 293 Executive Board.

Danny Gay


Office of Financial Management
(202) 551-8360

Danny is a Legal Instruments Examiner in the Office of Financial Management, where he serves as a Steward and as a Headquarters Representative (Op Center) on the Executive Board.

Noel Gittens

Steward | Executive Board Member

Division of Enforcement
(202) 551-4830

Noel is a Senior Attorney in the Enforcement Division at Headquarters in Washington, D.C., where he serves as a steward.

Joshua Herbst


Chicago Regional Office
(312) 886-8524

Josh is a Risk Management Specialist in the Chicago Regional Office, where he also serves as a union steward.