Term Contract Negotiations to Continue in November


10/06: Chapter 293's Term Contract Bargaining Team, which consists of NTEU Chief Negotiator Jurmell James and Chapter 293 members Greg Gilman, Veronica Lewis, Katie Nix, Dean Suehiro and Simmenetta Williams, will meet with management in Washington, D.C., for further negotiating sessions in early November regarding the terms of our Collective Bargaining Agreement.

During the negotiating sessions in October, the parties discussed the following provisions: Article 7 (Work Schedules), Article 19 (Training), Article 20 (Employee Orientation), Article 22 (Health and Safety), Article 39 (Union Representatives and Official Time) and Article 44 (Duration and Termination).

  • Under Article 7, the parties are attempting to clarify the “red tape” surrounding the creation of a new 4/10 work schedule. In addition, NTEU continues to push to allow employees to earn credit hours while participating on 5/4/9 work schedules. There also has been discussion regarding expanding employees’ lunch periods.
  • The discussion of Article 19 centers on fortifying the Upward Mobility Program.
  • The conversations surrounding Article 22 have shifted to ensuring that employees have ample time to utilize the gymnasium for exercise and workouts.
  • The discussions surrounding Article 39 centered on the use of Official Time by Union representatives.
  • The discussions on Article 44 concerned defining the term of the new agreement and determining whether the need for a contract re-opener still exists.

During the discussions, the parties were able to tentatively agree to the following provisions: Article 23 (Public Transportation Subsidies), Article 42 (Dues Withholding), and a new Article 43 (Leave Sharing). Highlights of those agreements include the following:

  • Under Article 23, management has agreed to promptly provide employees with any government-wide authorized increases in transit subsidies. In the event any budgetary complications hinder the agency’s ability to do so, it will discuss these issues with the Union.
  • Under Article 42, the parties simply updated the Union’s mailing address for receipt of membership dues.
  • In Article 43, a new article proposed by the NTEU negotiators, the parties agreed to create a new Leave Sharing Program that will allow employees to donate excess annual leave to a bank. Participating employees who face serious medical conditions and have exhausted their own leave will be able to request withdrawals from this bank, which will be administered by a joint management/Chapter 293 board.

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the ongoing CBA negotiations, please contact NTEU Negotiator Jurmell James.