Fiscal Cliff Negotiations in Congress


11/27/12: A group of supportive Members of Congress and the Federal-Postal Coalition urge no further cuts to the federal workforce.  Members of Congress have sent this letter to Congressional Leadership and this letter President Obama, pointing out that federal employees have already contributed more than $100 billion toward deficit reduction, and they should not be targeted for further cuts as negotiations to avoid the fiscal cliff continue.

In addition, NTEU, along with over 20 other members of the Federal-Postal Coalition has sent the attached letters to all Members of the House and Senate urging that federal employees not be subject to further cuts in any legislation aimed at avoiding the fiscal cliff.

Federal employees have contributed $103 billion in deficit reduction due to the pay freeze and the pension contribution increases that will affect new hires after January 1, 2013.  We believe it is time for others to share in the sacrifice.